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Eclectus ~ Personality  of the eclectus

Solomon Island 

Red Sided


Vos Maeri 


All babies are weaned and as appropriate, have had polyoma shots.

Eclectus Description

Physical Description

The male and female Eclectus are very different looking. The male Eclectus are green with a yellowish beak, while the females are a red color with a black beak. Underside of male's wing is bright red with a small patch of blue.

The red-sided and the vosmaeri are two of the Eclectus sub species most commonly bred in the U.S. The vosmaeri is the larger of the two, with the male being the typical green with red markings and a large coral colored beak. The hen shades from red to lavender, with yellow at the vent and tip of the tail. The head seems rather small for the size of the body. The red-sided hen has a narrow blue eye ring and a very brilliant red head, neck, and upper chest - with a distinct change to brilliant blue below. They seem to have larger, blockier heads than the vosmaeri, and slightly more compact bodies. Beak and feet on the hen are black.

Health note: These parrots have unusually long digestive tracts; to remain healthy they require large amounts of fiber in their daily diet. Also - they require a variety of fruits.

Length:    14 inches

Ave. Lifespan:  30 years.

Sexing:  See description..

Origin:  New Guinea and North Australia.


These birds can be taught to talk, and will sometimes imitate humans very well


These birds can be noisey, but may be quiet as well.


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