Looking beautiful at 6 months old


Hyacinth Baby

at ~ 10 weeks



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A class act!!


          All of our baby birds, including our Hyacinths,  get lots of interaction with each other and with people.  While all babies will have the wings clipped before going home, all are permitted to fly before being clipped.  We strive to raise well socialized birds to become the companions of a lifetime. 

            We are currently taking deposits on baby Hyacinths that will be ready to go home in the April to August time frame.   We never force wean our babies so we cannot predict exactly when a specific baby will be weaned.  Weaning refers to the time when a baby bird is able to eat on its own, in a quantity sufficient to maintain its weight, without supplemental feedings by hand.  Handfeeding process gives babies a feeling of security, which we consider crucial to their development into secure adults.  Hyacinth macaws are usually 9 months to a year old before they are weaned.


            Please call or e-mail (birds@featherheads.com) with any questions or to place a deposit.


Text Box: The babies at play.Text Box: Not quite dry after their bathes, the babies are already hard at work to see what they can take apart.  Climbing activity helps build muscles as well as secure, inquisitive, happy babies.
These babies range in age from 3 months to 6 months.



The remains of a sweet potato snack.




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